WordCamp Porto Guide

WordCamp Porto 2016 is here. This is the event guide. It will be updated, eventually, if something changes. It’s wise to check it regularly and follow other media like WordCamp Portugal Twitter, the Portugueses WordPress Community Twitter and Facebook.

WordCamp is for the WordPress Community. It’s put together by members of this great community, not by a professional team. A group of volunteers offered their time and contributed so that this event could take place. Now we are counting on everybody to make WordCamp Porto 2016 an event to be remembered.

WordCamp Porto, May 14 and 15

ISEP (Instituto Superior de Engenharia do Porto)

How to get to ISEP

Rua Dr. António Bernardino de Almeida, 431
4200-072 Porto

41 10’41.97’’ N / 8 36’24.69’’ W

Yellow Line (D) – Estação IPO (IPO station)

300 – Aliados > Hospital de S. João
301 – Sá da Bandeira > Hospital de S. João
803 – Boavista > Venda Nova

It’s easy to get there by road, using the VCI, A3 and Circunvalação. Subway: Yellow Line (D) e get out at the IPO station. It’s a five minutes walk.

By STCP Bus: use the 300, 301 or 803 lines. All have a stop in ISEP.

If you travel by car, park in front of ISEP. There’s a street with lots of parking space.


Saturday, May 14


Check-in will be in the administrative area of Building A (Edifício A) of ISEP, next to the Auditório Magno (auditorium). It’s on your left when you walk the main entrance. It’s easy to spot, there’ll be WordCamp posters and signs.

Take an ID and the confirmation email you should have received after registering for the event. There’s not an actual ticket, so don’t bother to look for it.

As usual in WordCamps, there’ll be a laynard, a badge and a t-shirt. Maybe something else, no promises.

There are more than 300 people to check-in. Please arrive early.

Remember: check-in starts at 8.45AM.

Auditório Magno

WordCamp talks will take place at Auditório Magno. It’s an auditorium with 440 seats, 350 m2 area and a 78 m2 stage. (Just in case you’re into unit converting…)

Sala de Eventos (events room)

Next to the Auditório Magno is the Sala de Eventos (events room), that’s where the workshops take place. It’s a 400 m2 area where you’ll also have the chance to network during saturday morning and afternoon coffee breaks.

Internet Wi-Fi

WordCamp Porto 2016 will have a dedicated wi-fi network, courtesy of ISEP. Access info will be displayed during event day.

Device charge

This will probably be more critical for workshop attendees. We’ll try to have as many available sockets and extension cords as we can, however, it probably won’t be enough, because there’s a lot of attendees. We’re asking for local attendees to take an extra battery or extra extension cords.

Video and photos

For community-building and promotional purposes, there will be volunteer and/or professional photographers and videographers during WordCamp. By attending the event, you consent to your image being used in resulting photos or videos that may show your participation in the WordCamp.

WordCamp sessions will be recorded and posted online on WordPress.tv.


Each talk will be 20 minutes long, with an extra 10 for Q&A. If your question is not answered during those 30 minutes, don’t worry. There will be plenty of opportunities throughout the event day.

If you need to talk to a speaker, don’t be shy! WordCamps and WordPress events in general are the perfect place to interact with other WordPress users. And remember: there’s no such thing as a dumb question.

Coffee breaks

There’ll be a morning and an afternoon coffee break, 30 minutes each.


Oh, yes, lunch too. It will be served at ISEP’s restaurant, at edifício E (building E).

You can choose fish or meat. Or vegan, if you selected it during registration.


The oficial program of sessions and workshops is closed. But… it can always change, force majeure and so… If anything changes, we’ll post it here, on social media and on site.


We’ll have two workshops, Faz o teu site em WordPress and Faz a tua loja online em WordPress both in Portuguese. There’ll be volunteers to help the attendees.

Official photo

The WordCamp official photo will be taken after the last session. So, make sure you don’t leave the room earlier.


Plano B is where the after-party will take place. Just look for Rua Cândido dos Reis, 30. Hard to miss, it’s right next the famous Torre dos Clérigos (Clérigos Tower). Most important: to get free access (until 11h30 PM) it’s essential you take the badge of WordCamp Porto 2016 with you. After 11h30 PM, access to WordCamp Porto attendees is subject to Plano B available places. Oh, and the badge is also mandatory if you’re up for a surprise.

The after-party is also a time for sharing, though in a different and more relaxed place. Don’t miss it!

Sunday, May 15

Contributor’s Day will be in Sala de Eventos (events room). Contributor’s Day is the time to give back your time and knowledge to the WordPress project and the community.

The program for this day is already set. It starts at 11h00 AM and it’s scheduled to end at 5h30 PM.


Before, during and after the event, write an article on your site or blog, share text, photos and video on social media. Please, use #wcporto hashtag.

After the WordCamp

Tell us the goods and the bads. We want to make it better next time and your help is invaluable.

We’ll send a short survey to all attendees to gather your opinion and ideas about the event.

Team and staff

Team and volunteers will have a different t-shirt color.


  • We want this WordCamp to be on schedule. Please, don’t be late.
  • Pay attention to all announcements during the event.
  • Please, respect the Code of Conduct.
  • The after-party venue will not be WordCamp exclusive. Attendees are free to invite friends to join the party.
  • Sunday, between 8h00 AM and 1h00 PM, several streets in the city center will be closed to traffic. There will be a race.